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At last, a plan !!!!!

The days and weeks  of feeling not quiet right still continue but not so bad. My knee is all but better so regular physical exercise is now on the cards. The goal of at least 10,000 steps per day is getting easier to achieve and the strength and flexibility regime is starting to help my muscles and joints.

Food is still a bit of a ‘problem’ for me but I am slowly eating more towards AIP so helping my overall well being.

A bad reaction to a take-away curry which I normally have no problem with (it is from a restaurant that prides itself in producing fresh healthy Asian meals) really made me think. Maybe I am beginning to have reactions to even more foods so really must watch what I eat. Having ‘fixed’ my leaky gut previously maybe I have now started to undo all that good work.

So down to business!

I woke up with the usual aching back, but not too bad. The discomfort went after a warm shower so I know it is not a big problem, probably just the way I sleep. The pain in the top of my feet and my hands was noticeable, I did not however wake up with a headache so that was good.

I have decided to have breakfast again as this was part of my previous way of eating. I still find it hard to eat in the morning but hope to get used to it again. To this end I had my favourite plated food consisting of blueberries, apple, cucumber, avocado and tinned salmon.

E97E5B62-FB38-4937-A975-B2C20A994EFEI still have some digestive issues from my takeaway curry but hope this will pass quickly now as the inflammation subsided.

Today I woke up feeling worse than I have for a long time. My head and stomach felt like  I had a hangover from alcohol but I know it is from food intolerances and possibly allergies. I have been doing a lot of walking these last few days taking the little ones on the new school run and pre-school. My gammy knee has not really liked the rough and sometimes steep terrain and has started to rebel by aching and swelling. I have a few days to rest it now and will probably have to wear the elastic support. Although I have been eating reasonably well I still have not been able to get it just right. When I feel like this with brain fog and not wanting to do anything I find it hard to get motivated and get over the last hurdles. I have a feeling that I should really be on a very restricted eating plan for the foreseeable future to get above this inflammation in my body and to improve my gut flora.

Being constantly “under the weather” is trying and miserable, knowing what may help is good but actually getting out of the rut is hard.

I think a trip to the supermarket to stock up on loads of fresh veggies and fruit, hopefully for the most part organic is on the cards. I also think that perhaps a bit of meal planning and prepping in advance may also be on the cards.