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D7: Another Day

Have you ever wished that you hadn’t woken up when you did? Well I did this morning, I ached, had pain and felt under the weather and foggy. I didn’t sleep too well, taking time to go to sleep then waking up for what seemed to be quiet long periods towards the end of the night. Despite actually being in bed for a long time I only managed 6 1/2 hours, not enough.


Because I felt so off this morning I decided to have some food, a handful of blueberries and a couple of slices of turkey breast. It took a bit of time to feel ok but I eventually did. Maybe the grotty feeling and pain was due to eating bread yesterday. If my homemade bread with good organic ingredients, twice risen and cooked to perfection has this effect on me, just how bad would I feel with bought bread with additives, maybe chemicals and usually only proofed once, who knows.

I did the couch to 5K in with a longer walk but didn’t manage the Strength and Flexibility.

Lunch was a lovely recipe, Chicken Blanquette, from Sophie Van TIggelen’s cookbook:- Simple French Paleo. This is a simple chicken dish with veggies and ‘lemon gravy’.  The book has loads of really nice AIP recipes which I am slowly working my way through. I forgot to take a picture of my plate but it looked very like the picture in the book. The recipe was easy to make which I did in the morning and left in fridge for the flavours to develop. Will definitely do it again.

I had tinned salmon with cucumber and a bone broth for my light meal. I fancied something sweet so had dairy free custard with chopped bananas, grapes and some blueberries, very refreshing.


I managed my steps so felt good about the day. I felt ok by the afternoon but still had painful feet, something I need to do something about in the near future.