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D3: Some Good Results.

Again not 7 hours sleep but despite this I felt as though I had sufficient so happy with this.


I had only put on 1/2 pound from yesterday, that was both surprising and pleasing. Who knows maybe a downward trend at last ?.

I did not feel hungry again this morning so didn’t bother with breakfast. I just had green tea and lots of water to flush out my system. The grotty feeling I had most of yesterday seems to have dissipated so felt reasonably good.

I did a repeat of the first session of the couch to 5K which I found easier than the previous session. The recommendation is to repeat each session 3 times in a week with a rest day in between each session.  It didn’t seem such a long slog and the half hour went by quiet “quickly”.

I got my heart rate up for longer this time so am obviously not as unfit as I thought I was. Pat on the back !!!!

I felt good after the walk/run session so decided to go straight into the strength and flexibility podcast. Again the recommendation is for 3 sessions in a week for each podcast with a rest day in between each one. My bones did not seem to creak as much as the last time and my muscles felt ‘looser’. Altogether not a bad workout.

I fancied egg and bacon for lunch which I really enjoyed. I felt I had eaten loads and was a bit bloated. I know I didn’t have a reaction to either eggs or black pepper when I reintroduced them after the last full on AIP eating plan so felt ok having this meal. Because of the way I felt afterwards however, maybe I need to revisit whether eggs are still ok or is it another food that will have to bite the dust. (I hope I don’t have s problem with black pepper now because this is my main condiment).


The afternoon was busy, despite this I felt reasonably energised without too much niggly pain. My main concern is still the pain in my feet,  but I think the damage has been done over many years and I need to try and stop further problems. Hopefully eating a diet free from most allergens and non inflammatory will help in the long run.

I made a soup from sweet potato and carrots which I found both filling and nice to have.


It was thick, sweet and smooth, with leftovers for later for tomorrow.

My step goal was met without much difficulty today.


Today has been a good day with most goals met and my plan followed. Sleep is still the goal which is the hardest to meet, but I’m nearly there most nights so that’s a good thing. The couch to 5K and the Strength and Flexibility podcasts went well today. I felt it was easier today than two days ago. My step goal met and my food mainly AIP with the odd thing I know I don’t usually have a problem with (May have to revisit eating eggs though).

Today was a success day, another one in the bag.