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Pain again

Two days looking after the little ones is certainly challenging. They are bundles of fun and chatterboxes so no real let up (except when they are at preschool). The days are busy, busy, busy with playing, sorting, back and forward to preschool, cooking and shopping. There is not really much time left to do set walking, running or other exercise. That being said I am extremely active and manage to use up a lot of energy. Monday was a momentous day for getting my steps in managing over 18,000 steps and covering 7 3/4 miles in total.


Walking back and forward to preschool, going shopping and generally working (and playing) around the house certainly clocks up the steps. For a change I not only walked too the shops but also back again not getting the bus.

Maybe this was all a “step” too far because my feet were painful afterwards and well into the evening. I really must look into getting some other trainers to see if this will make a difference.

Eating was strange. I had one of my plated meals consisting of avocado, blueberries, cucumber, apple and boiled eggs.


This was great but a few hours later I started having gut discomfort. It wasn’t painful but just there. Normally if I eat something I don’t tolerate well I have lots of pain fairly quickly amongst other things. Maybe  l am starting to have a problem with something on my plate. I will have to look into this and hope the discomfort was due to something else!!!!

I just had fruit for rest of day, a banana and apple with a few grapes. The discomfort stayed with me till l fell asleep.

Today I still did not feel 100% so decided to take it easy with food. I did have a plated meal but had chicken as the protein and banana instead of apple.


To make sure everything is ok for my holiday tomorrow I thought I would fast for the rest of the day which I must admit I didn’t find hard.

I did not expend so much energy today cutting down on my steps by not going shopping. The top of my feet were quiet painful again today but not enough to stop me engaging with the little ones.

I did manage to do the strength and flexibility regime as a set piece. This took the pressure off my poor feet.

I don’t know how things will be while I am on holiday. Food may be a little more difficult but I hope to continue as I have been. Our holidays are usually fairly active so I am not worried about getting my steps in. We will see…….