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D10: A Different Day


Finally success, my sleeping goal met even if only by 1 minute. I again woke up not feeling too bad, a bit achy but no real pain.


I started the the day with a warm lemon drink again and had a bone broth drink a bit later. Not much for breakfast but all I really felt like.



It has rained and rained today, so miserable. I’m glad it was a rest day from Couch to 5K and Strength and Flexibility because it was not really conducive outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunnyish and dry so looking forward to it.

I have LOADS of sewing to catch up on, so as it was such a miserable day I shut myself away in  my sewing room with my talking book and got stuck in. Unfortunately using a sewing machine means inactivity so not many steps today. Still I achieved a lot of finished sewing, a big plus.

Lunch was the leftover plated meal from yesterday, surprisingly still fresh.


Although I have decided to mainly eat raw foods for a bit, I didn’t want to not eat dinner with hubby. We had nightshade free spiced rubbed fish cooked with mushrooms in lemon juice and served with lightly cooked veggies, (hubby had potatoes as well !!!!!). It was tasty and I didn’t feel too bad afterwards.



Summing up, it was a good day overall with sleep goal met, a nice rest day and loads of sewing done. My eating reasonable but still lacking in calories, something I really have to address. Although I didn’t get my steps I don’t feel that I really failed just had a different day.